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Bishop Speech - Christmas Message 1982

Sisters and Brothers, Patriots of Free Grenada, Comrades,

Today for the fourth time since our popular Revolution of March 13 I have the pleasure on behalf of our Revolutionary Government, and on behalf of our vanguard party the New Jewel Movement to extend to you all our sincerest compliments of the season.

More than any of the preceding three years, we see many more of our relatives, patriots overseas, returning home for Christmas.

We welcome them with all of the warmth that characterises a true homecoming because they have come in this season with an abundance of good will towards family, friend and homeland.

We are happy that you have returned home to share this time with us, we are happy that you will have the opportunity of seeing for yourselves the remarkable transformation of our beloved country in which our working people are by their own hands laying the basis for a secure future for themselves and future generations.

As you move around and you see the great emphasis being laid by our government and party on the establishment of proper infrastructure – roads, telephone, buildings, and most of all – our new International Airport – it will be clear to you that we are building together today to enjoy tomorrow.

We take this opportunity also to send warm greetings to the many hundreds of our people overseas; to our students studying abroad who are preparing themselves diligently to assume their rightful place as builders of the New Society; to the patriots who serve our peoples interest in our missions and embassies spread around the world and to the internationalist workers in our midst who continue to selflessly serve our Revolution and thus strengthen the bonds of friendship among our peoples.

However, notwithstanding the progress which we have made, and while recognising the great effort and sacrifice made by so many of our working people, achieved by the patriotic unity of many sections of our society, let us honestly accept that much more is yet to be done.

In our society today, despite the progress made there is still a great deal to be done before we can enjoy Christmases in which every child can have a full well nourished stomach, in which the vast majority of our people can enjoy the season with the confident knowledge that their essential wants are guaranteed.

Christmas while being traditionally a period of abundance, is also a time for critical reflection; a time when we must five moments of serious reflection to the burning question of Peace and Goodwill.

Individually and collectively what have we done for the active promotion of Peace and Goodwill among men?

As a people to what extend have we created the conditions for the growth of our unity, for the deepening of our resolve to work together to solve unjust problems of poverty, discard unemployment, and eliminate exploitation, complacency, and waste [f]acing us?

Over the past four years we have worked to solve these problems, to eliminate these negative social attitudes.

The answer is there in every programme of the Revolution – where we can truly see structural attempts to create a more just society with a united, conscious and determined people.

But comrades goodwill and peace within a society are not products that we should label “for Christmas only” and [unclear] forget.

Instead they are the result of consistent and determined efforts to ensure justice, to guarantee for every Grenadian their natural right to all that our homeland offers.

The era that we live in is one that requires the intelligent and reasoned unity of an educated people working hard knowing full well in whose interest and for whose benefit we labour.

It requires the steady effort and sacrifice of building together knowing full well in whose image and in the name of what future we construct.

Comrades, Christmas is a time when people the world over celebrate the birth two thousand years ago of one who devoted his entire life for Peace and Understanding among men.

But, this Christmas 1982 is a time when, more than ever, the tidings of Peace and Goodwill should Deeply preoccupy our minds because over our world hang dark clouds casting nuclear shadows on our future.

Insane men are seeking to preserve outdated imperialist dreams at all cost – including the existence of Man himself.

So let us reflect on this terrible prospect and remember the many struggling millions the world over whose sincerest wish is for a just and real peace.

As women and men of goodwill, as revolutionaries, let us spare a moment for our sisters and brothers of South Africa, Namibia, El Salvador, Palestine who seek peace but receive in return persecution and no goodwill.

Let us especially remember our brave sisters and brothers of Revolutionary Nicaragua – harassed on many borders by forces of aggression – and denied the luxury of a peaceful season.

Comrades, our history has taught us that Peace is the final reward for determination and the product of justice – and in spite of all difficulties we celebrate  this Christmas with the confidence that a world at Peace is possible, that genuine goodwill – the absence of exploitation of man by man – is realizable and must be struggled for.

With this conviction, on behalf of our Party and Government, I wish you all a happy reflective and constructive Christmas.





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