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The Importation of Publications (Prohibition) Order, 1989

The Statutory Rules and Orders [S.R. & O.] No. 6 of 1989:—The Importation of Publications (Prohibition) Order, of 14th April 1989


(Gazetted 14th April 1989):

Whereas the Governor-General and the Cabinet are of the opinion that the importation into the State of any of the publications mentioned in the Schedule of this Order would be contrary to the public interest:

Therefore the Governor-General acting in accordance with the advice of the Cabinet is pleased to order and it is hereby ordered as follows:—

1. Short Title. This Order may be cited as the


2. Importation Prohibited. The importation into the State of any past, present or future issue of any of the publications mentioned in the Schedule to this Order (whether under the same or a different title and whether emanating from the same or a different source) in place of any publication as mentioned is hereby prohibited.


The following publications published by the Pathfinder Press of 410 West Street, New York, U.S.A.:—

The Communist Manifesto, Marx/Engels, pamphlet
Cuba Will Never Adopt Capitalist Methods, Castro, pamphlet
Fidel Castro at the U.N., pamphlet
Lenin as Election Campaign Manager, Jenness, pamphlet
The Long View of History, Novack, pamphlet
Malcolm X Talks to Young People, Malcolm X, pamphlet
Nicaragua Introduction to the Sandinista Rev., Weissberg, pamphlet
Race Prejudice, Breitman, pamphlet
The Revolution Party, Cannon, pamphlet
Second Declaration of Havana, Castro, pamphlet
Socialism and Man in Cuba, Guevara, pamphlet
Socialism Utopian and Scientific, Engels, pamphlet
Socialist View of the Chicago Elections, Miah, Warren, Hillson
Two Speeches by Malcolm X, Malcolm X, pamphlet
US Intervention in Jamaica, Harsch, pamphlet
Women & the Nicaraguan Revolution, Borge, pamphlet
Women & the Socialist Revolution, Waters, pamphlet
El Aborto Derecho Fundamental, Grogan/Perez/Reed, pamphlet
Cancelar la Deuda de America Latina, Castro, pamphlet
Habla Malcolm X, pamphlet
La Mujer y la Revolucion Nicaraguense, Borge, pamphlet
Programa Accion Anfrentar Crisis Economica se Avecina, pamphlet
La Revolucion Granadina 1979-1983 Discursos, pamphlet
El Socialismo y el Hombre en Cuba, Guevara, pamphlet
Sudafrica La Revolucion en Camino, Barnes, pamphlet
Assassination of Malcolm X, Breitman et al, paper
By Any Means Necessary, Malcolm X, paper
Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolution, Guevara, paper
Che Guevara Speaks, Guevara, paper
Cointelpro: FBI's Secret Was on Political Freedom, Blackstock, paper
Cuba for Beginners, Rius, paper
Democracy and Revolution, Novack, paper
FBI on Trial: Victory in SWP Suit Against Government, ed. Jayko, paper
Fidel Castro Nothing Can Stop the Course of History, Elliot/Dymally, paper
Fidel Castro Speeches Foreign Policy 1975-80, Castro, paper
Fidel Castro Speeches II Building Socialism in Cuba, Castro, paper
Fidel Castro Speeches III War & Crisis in America, Castro, paper
Fidel Castro's Political Strategy, Harnecker, paper
The first Ten Years of American Communism, Cannon, paper
The Founding of the SWP [Socialist Workers Party], Breitman-ed., paper
Founding the Communist International, Riddell (ed.), paper
The German Revolution & Debate on Soviet Power 1918-9, Riddell, paper
History of the Russian Revolution Unabridged, Trotsky, paper
An Introduction to the Logic of Marxism, Novack, paper
Israel a Colonial-Settler State? Rodinson, paper
The Last Year of Malcolm X, Breitman, paper
The Leninist Strategy of Party Building, Hansen, paper
Lenin's Struggle for a Rev Intl 1907-16, Riddell ed., paper
Leon Trotsky on Black Nationalism & Self-Determination, Trotsky, paper
Malcolm X on Afro-American History, Malcolm X, paper
Nicaragua The Sandinista People's Revolution, paper
One People, One Destiny: Caribbean & Central America Today, Rojas, paper
Origin of the Family, Private Property & the State, Engels, paper
Out Now, Halstead, paper
The Revolution Betrayed, Trotsky, paper
Revolutionary Continuity Early Years 1848-1917, Dobbs, paper
Revolutionary Continuity Communist Years, 1918-22, Dobbs, paper
Sandinistas Speak, paper
Teamster Bureaucracy, Dobbs, paper
Teamster Politics, Dobbs, paper
Teamster Power, Dobbs, paper
Teamster Rebellion, Dobbs, paper
Thomas Sankara Speaks Burkina Faso Revolution, 1983-87, Sankara, paper
Understanding History New edition, Novack, paper
Women & the Cuban Revolution, Stone-ed., paper
New International Vol 1 Number 1, paper
New International Vol 1 Number 2, paper
New International Vol 1 Number 3, paper
New International Vol 2 Number 1, paper
New International Vol 2 Number 2, paper
New International Number 6, paper
Nouvelle Internationale Vol 1 Number 1, paper
Nouvelle Internationale Number 2, paper
Nouvelle Internationale Vol 1 Number 3, paper
Critique of the Gotha Program, Marx, paper
Emancipation of Women, Lenin, paper
Imperialism -- The Highest Stage of Capitalism, Lenin, paper
Marx and His Teachings, Lenin, pamphlet
Left Wing Communism -- an Infantile Disorder, Lenin, paper
Malcolm X Speaks, Breitman, ed., paper
The Right of Nations to Self-determination, Lenin, paper
Speeches at Party Congresses, Lenin, cloth
State and Revolution, Lenin, paper
Two Tactics of Social Democracy, Lenin, paper
Wage Labor & Capital/Value Price & Profit, Marx, paper
The Wages System, Engels, pamphlet

Made this 11th day of April, 1989.

Secretary to the Cabinet

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