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Arrests 1973-1974

Detailed circumstances and results of the arrests of "better-known members/supporters/sympathisers of the NJM" listed below are unknown. The names and descriptions are selected from a New Jewel Movement list compiled by the Legal Defence Secretary Lloyd L. Noel from Lucas Street, as of 24th April 1974. Look for Human Rights Abuses for beatings, choppings and other violent physical assaults, many occurring in relations to arrests below.

1973 - 4 November - Norbert 'Power' St. Bernard was charged with attempted murder in the incident involving Ken Milne, Leslie Seon and himself in Grenville Market Square.

1973 - 4 November - Simon Charles shot outside a Grenville Restaurant by A.S.P. Innocent Belmar; beaten on way to Grenville Police Station; shot again in the other leg by Belmar. Simon Charles was subsequently charged with 5 different offences. At the same time and place, a bullet intended for Bro. Charles caught Septimus Pierre who was charged some weeks later with an offence.

1973 - 10 November - Kenrick Radix arrested at his home in St. George's and charged with being in possession of ammunition - bailed the same day.

1973 - 18 November - In the Bloody Sunday incident at Grenville, Maurice Bishop, Unison Whiteman, Selwyn Strachan, Hudson Austin, Simon Daniel, Kenrick Radix were arrested and charged with Summary Offenses of being in possession of firearms and ammunition - bail refused that day, but granted on 20 November 1973. Nevertheless, the 6 persons were immediately re-arrested for the same incident - this time on Indictable Charges. Bail eventually granted 23 November 1973.

1973 - 19 November - Eric Campbell, Eslyn Christopher and Joseph Granger/Grainger were arrested in St. David's by Secret Police and brought to Central Police Station, St. George's. After beatings and hospitalization that night, no charge was laid against them until 21 November. The charge was a Summary Offense of being in possession of offensive weapon - a cutlass which was taken from two of them the month before. They were bailed on 22 November, 1973.

1973 - 20 November - Dudley Francis arrested in Gouyave and charged for being in possession of ammunition - bail granted 22 November 1973.

1973 - 20 November - Norbert 'Power" St. Bernard arrested in St. George's. At Central Police Station, St. Bernard was given a Summary Offense charge of possession of an offensive weapons - a pair of scissors. Bail was refused on 21 November 1973 and accused remained in Prison for a week. On 28 November, no evidence offered and case thrown out for want of prosecution.

1973, 21 November - Norbert Gahagan. Roland John, Sister Wilhemina and another sister arrested in Victoria and charged with being in possession of ammunition with bail granted on 22 November 1973.

1973 - 21 November - Carlton Forsyth arrested in Victoria and charged with being in possession of ammunition - bail the same day.

1973 - 25 November - Basil Gahagan arrested in Victoria and charged with being in possession of ammunition with bail the same day.

1973 - 30 November - Norbert 'Power' St. Bernard arrested in Beaulieu and charged for attempted murder of Emeline Moses on 4 November, 1973, at Grenville with bail granted the following day.

1973 - 28 December - Alfred 'Amber' Williams, Eris Williams, Augustine Williams, Roy Cooper, Victor Cooper were all arrested in Boca and charged with attempted murder of Mongoose Deputy-Leader, Willie Bishop. Bail was refused and all remanded in prison. One week later the Williams and Cooper brothers were charged with murdering Harold Strachan. It is said Willie Bishop killed Harold Strachan and was injured while doing so. Bail for the brothers was refused. No evidence was offered on either charge for 8 weeks and after two applications to High Court bail was granted on the charge of Murder on 8 March 1974. Bail was granted on Attempted Murder by the Magistrate some weeks previously and therefore they were released on bail for both charges on the same day.

1974 - 6 February (Independence Eve) - Maurice Bishop was arrested at his home in St. Paul's. The Summary Offense charge was for being in possession of ammunition. Bail was refused by Police and Magistrate. Bail was granted on 8 February 1974 by Chief Justice, P.C. Lewis. Police initially refused to obey Chief Justice's warrant for release. Lawyers eventually intervened for release.

1974 - 16 February - Michael Davidson, Derek Romain, Peter Lashley, David Mayers - all were arrested at Grand Etang, St. Andrew's by a posse led by A.S.P. Innocent Belmar. The charge was possession of arms and ammunition with bail on 21 February 1974.

1974 - 17 February - Charles Hubert John, Valine Modest, Kennedy Budhlall, Lawrence Simon, Radix Charles, Ronald Lewis, Raleigh Bhola, Corin Francois, Alston Williams, Francis Williams, Claude Lewis, Norbert Gahagan, Roland Budhlall and Reynold Simon were arrested on various parts of the island and taken to Grenville Police Station. The next day 19 persons were charged for receiving stolen .383 rifles from the Presentation College and for receiving explosives stolen from Wimpey's Depot at Telescope. Bail was refused by Magistrate Ernest John, but subsequently granted by the High Court on 21 February 1974 when all were released from prison.

1974 - 22 February - Frederick Phillip was arrested in St. Andrew's, charged with the murder of "Secret Police who died three weeks earlier". Bail was refused and accused on remand, but Preliminary Enquiry had not begun by the ending date of this report, 9 April 1974.

1974 - 22 February - Lewis Henry and Peter Alexander attacked by Secret Police. Henry was charged with maiming. Eventually bailed.

1974 - 27 February - "When the '19' persons who were arrested on the 16th and 17th February [1974] appeared in Court at Grenville, Derek Romain, Roland Budhlall, Charles John and Kennedy Budhlall were re-arrested and charged for housebreaking and stealing explosives from Wimpey's Depot in Telescope. Bail granted same day. Also re-arrested at the same time were Derek Romain, Peter Lashley and David Mayers and charted with stealing rifles from the Presentation College. No bail allowed on alleged ground that the matter was proper to St. George's. On 28th February, 1974, bail was granted at St. George's Magistrate's Court."

1974 - 29 February - Lester "Green Face" De Souza was arrested in St. Paul's and charged with housebreaking and stealing explosives from Wimpey's Depot at Telescope. He was taken to Grenville Police Station and bail was granted the same day.

1974 - 16 March - Leon "Bouloose" Joseph was arrested in St. George's for being in possession of arms and ammunition. Bail was granted the next day.

1974 - 26 March - Simon Daniel and Theodore Hercules arrested in St. George's and taken to Central Police Station. Daniel was hospitalized the same night for police beating and subsequently sought medical treatment abroad. Bail was granted two days later.

1974 - 30 March - Augustine Williams was arrested and charged for causing harm to George Thomas [most likely George Thomas, the police aid] in an incident which took place in early December 1973. Bail granted same day.

1974 - 6 April - Maurice Bishop arrested at his home on the charge of aiding and abetting the commission of dangerous harm to Willie Bishop by Alfred "Amber" Williams, Augustine Williams, Eris Williams, Roy Cooper and Victor Cooper. Bail granted the same day.

1974 - 9 April - Hudson Austin, Strachan Phillip, Keith Hayling were all arrested on charges of stealing a revolver, being in possession of a revolver, discharging a revolver, stealing a wheel spanner, being in possession of a shotgun and causing damage to a car owned by Deputy P.M. Herbert Preudhomme on 21 January 1974 [Bloody Monday]. All bailed the same day.

1974 - 6 May - Alfred "Amber" Williams arrested on charge of threat to harm A.S.P. Belmar; also possession of an unlicensed firearm. The arrest occurred the same day A.S.P. Innocent Belmar was giving evidence before the Duffus Commission.

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