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Why the Alliance is in Trouble!

NJM 18 October 1978 News Release

Sunday's issue (October 15th) of the Torchlight carried an article by GNP stating their position on the future of the Alliance and asking for so called declarations from each party in the Alliance.

NJM regrets that GNP chose to publish this statement at this time. At last Friday's (October 13th) Executive meeting of the Alliance, the first meeting attended by GNP-UPP for over three months, GNP presented this statement and called for all parties in the Alliance to stop publishing anything about the Alliance until after all problems facing the Alliance are fully discussed. NJM agreed. Then, towards the end of the meeting, GNP changed their minds and informed us that they were going to seek publication in the Torchlight. We advised against that pointing out that this would be inadvisable and unprincipled but warning that if they did publish they must accept full responsibility for so doing.

Not only has this action by the GNP damaged the spirit for new discussions as to the future of the Alliance but nowhere in their release did they say that THEY WANTED TO DEEP THE ALLIANCE TOGETHER. We ask: Do they want the Alliance?


GNP-UPP has said we have been bad-talking them. On the contrary since at least August of 1977 Winston Whyte has been going around telling people NJM would take their house, land, goat, sheep, pic, etc.. During the earlier months of this year a section of the GNP-UPP leadership held house meetings all over the country telling people we are communist and would seize private businesses, houses, etc.. More recently that same GNP-UPP combination has gone on radio and used the Torchlight to further spread their rumour about communism without ever once attacking Gairy during this period. We feel that his campaign of rumour, designed to weaken NJM, is not only unprincipled but thoroughly dangerous to the struggle against Gairy. We are therefore confronting these rumours openly.

The GNP-UPP has been saying:

  1. That NJM would seize people's business, houses, land, goat, pit. But our programmes are well known. They include the public ownership of one or two large profit making concerns such as the Telephone and Electricity companies in order that the profits should be used to provide and expand services like schools, proper health care, water, roads, etc. for the people. This is the only way to provide these services without placing further back-breaking taxes on the people. All these concerns could be and would be paid for in a proper way. But we have made it clear time and again that we have no intention of seizing our people's businesses, land, houses or other property. ALL OUR PROGRAMMES WOULD GIVE MORE TO THE PEOPLE NOT TAKE FROM THEM. GNP-UPP knows this. We have made it clear to them. Why then do they continue to spread this rumour?

  2. They are saying we would suppress religion. But we have told GNP and YPP that we are for absolute freedom of religion, including religious instruction in schools. They also know that we have pledged to support church schools financially. Why then the lies?

  3. They are also saying we are against democracy. That we would suppress opposition and those who are against us. But it is we who fight every day to restore and extend the freedom and democracy of the people! Our position is firm and clear that far from limiting the freedoms of the people we would vastly extend them. We believe that every individual has the right and duty to develop his potential to the fullest. We are firmly in favour of democracy, and we have told them so many times. Why then do they continue to spread this lie?

GNP-UPP knows that none of these positions makes us communists or in any way represents what the ordinary man regards as communism. Why then are they continuing to joining with Gairy and the big boys (foreign and local) in pushing this communist line?

The truth is that GNP-UPP has expressed openly their jealousy of the growing support for NJM around the country (including Gairyites who are breaking). Some leading members of these parties have said openly, that rather than see NJM continue to grow stronger, they will break the Alliance. It is clear that sections of the GNP-UPP are spreading these 'communist-scare' rumours with the hope of damaging NJM, even if it means keeping Gairy in power.



NJM's growing support is the fruit of our work. It is NJM who:

  1. Fought for the expulsion of the South Korean fishermen from Grenada.

  2. Fought for the return of the farmers' Boards to farmers.

  3. Organised and won the freedom of Budhlall and Wilson.

  4. Won the struggle for cold storage plant, repairs to the fish stalls and scale for St. Andrew's fishermen.

  5. Is fighting for cheaper gas for the fishermen.

  6. Fought the daily struggles with Gairyite estate workers on Bocage, LaForce, Mirabeau which have brought more Gairyites closer to the party.

  7. Is right now supporting the struggles of Gairyite estate workers against unpaid 'self-help' work.

  8. Fought for the farmers of St. John's to have better roads.

  9. Championed the human rights struggles of the people: Remember the murders of Allister Strachan and Harry Andrews? Remember the St. Paul's demonstration against police brutality in January 1977? Remember our continuing campaign for Grenadians to use loudspeakers, to print newspapers, to demonstrate, to read and have access to literature of their choice, to strike and take other forms of industrial action, to have fair and free elections, to bring accountability and responsibility to Parliament and to have local Government restored.

  10. Exposed the excessive profits reaped by the monopolists in sugar, rice, electricity and telephone at the expense of consumers.

  11. Publicly supported coke-workers [sic], Hubbards workers, Central Sales workers, electricity workers, public servants, bank workers in their struggles for better wages and working conditions.

  12. Fought to get the massive 'banana reject' scandal being experienced by farmers in Birchgrove stopped.

  13. Won the fight to get back the jobs of 38 pool workers in Gouyave fired by the Gairy regime immediately after elections.

  14. Established the River Road Day care centre.

  15. Two weeks ago fought and won the struggle for the tourist vendors to continue selling on the wharf.

  16. Brought electricity to Boneuf (Beaulieu).

  17. Repaired roads in Marian and brought water to Hope Vale.

  18. Won the struggle to have a back-wall built in River Road (now being constructed).

  19. Has been carrying out the regional and international exposure of the Chile-Grenada connection.

  20. Exposes the fascist and undemocratic nature of the Gairy regime at CPA and other conferences.

It is these and many more struggles that have brought us the confidence of the masses. Not moving from rum shop to rum shop bad-talking our partners. In fact, Gairy has never had more serious and effective opposition.


Once again, in Sunday's release, GNP has failed to say anything about the continuing fight of the people against Gairyism.

All Grenadians know that the fight in Grenada in against Gairy-Fascism and for DEMOCRACY. The Gairy regime still continues its oppressive undemocratic reign. It still continues to threaten, victimize and beat up oue people. It continues to deny work for more than half Grenada's people. It continues close link with fascist Governments. And make no mistake about it, Gairy is preparing for worse violence. RIGHT NOW GAIRY IS RECRUITING TWENTY MORE SOLDIERS FOR TRAINING IN CHILE. The truth is that while NJM is fighting for Democracy Gairy is preparing for war. Rule by violence and terror is still Gairy's NO. 1 aim. And what history has proven is that fascism spares no one when terror and violence is on the loose.

We of NJM say that the struggle against the Gairy dictatorship is the most important issue in Grenada. And we also say that for this purpose THE PEOPLE'S ALLIANCE must be kept together. In fact we shall be putting forward more proposals for strengthening the Alliance at our next Executive meeting on Friday 17th October. Anyone who tries to break The People's Alliance or continues this unprincipled bad-talking will be unmasked and condemned by the people as traitors, cowards and sell-out artists. The people will never fall for their lies, petty jealousy and slander.


18th October, 1978.

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