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AcronymFull NameComments & Primary Location
M (1)MassesGrenada
M (2)MembersGrenada
MACMilitary Airlift CommandUS Military
MACEMovement for Advancement of Community EffortGrenada
MAFMarine Amphibious ForceUS Military
MAOMovement Against OppressionGuyana
MAP (1)Movement for Assemblies of the PeopleGrenada
MAP (2)Military Assistance ProgramUSA
MATSMirabeau Agricultural Training SchoolGrenada
MAUMarine Amphibious UnitUS Military
MAU-MAUKenya Liberation MovementKenya
MBEMember of the Most Excellent Order of the British EmpireUK
MBIAMaurice Bishop International AirportGrenada
MBPMMaurice Bishop Patriotic MovementGrenada
MDCMore Developed CountriesUnited Nations
MEPPElectoral Movement for the People of Aruba  
MFMicrofiche of Grenada ArchivesModern Military Headquarters Branch, U.S. National Archives II
MFAMinistry of Foreign AffairsGrenada
MHMiami Herald newspaperUSA
MIMilitary IntelligenceUS Military
M.I.5 or M15Security Service DomesticBritain
M.I.6 or M16Secret Intelligence ServiceBritain
M5National Security Agency, Office of SecurityUSA
MIAMissing in Action  
MINAGMinistry of AgricultureCuba
MINALMinistry of Food IndustryCuba
MINAZMinistry of Sugar IndustryCuba
MINBASMinistry of Basic IndustryCuba
MINCEXMinistry of Foreign CommerceCuba
MINCINMinistry of Foreign TradeCuba
MINCOMMinistry of CommerceCuba
MINCONSMinistry of ConstructionCuba
MINDEFMinister of Defense 
MINEDMinistry of EducationCuba
MINFARMinistry of Revolutionary Armed ForcesCuba
MINILMinistry of Light IndustryCuba
MININTMinistry of the InteriorCuba
MINPESMinistry of the Fishing IndustryCuba
MINPLANMinistry of PlanningCuba
MINREXMinistry of Foreign AffairsCuba
MINSAPMinistry of Public HealthCuba
MINTRANSMinistry of TransportationCuba
MIR [1]Movement of the Revoutionary LeftChile
MIR [2]Military Intelligence ReportGrenada
MLFMultilateral Force 
MMIMuslim Mosque, Inc.USA
MNDMovement for a New DominicaDominica
MNIBMarketing and National Importing BoardGrenada
MNRMovimiento Nacional RevolucionarioEl Salvador
MNUMovement for National UnitySt. Vincent
MOAMinistry of AgricultureGrenada
MoDMinistry of DefenceGreat Britain
MODMinistry of DefenceGrenada
MOFMinistry of FinanceGrenada
MOHMinistry of HealthCuba
MONALIMovement for National LiberationBarbados
MOPMinistry of PlanningCuba
MOUMemorandum of Understanding  
MPMember of ParliamentBritish
MPCAManpower Citizens AssociationGuyana
MPLAMovimento Popular de LibertaÁ‚o de Angola; Popular/People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola  
MRBMMedium-range ballistic missile  
MSAMost Seriously Affected CountriesUnited Nations
MSCMSMinor Spices Cooperative Marketing SocietyGrenada
MWAMedia Workers AssociationGrenada
MWAFGMedia Workers Association of Free GrenadaGrenada
MXLUMalcolm X Liberation UniversityDurham, North Carolina

Acronyms will become apparent when you read and study the history of the Grenada Revolution. An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of the words of a compound term. Also included in these alphabetical lists are short-hand letters with varying meanings.

Not only did the People's Revolutionary Government (PRG) and their political party, The New Jewel Movement (NJM), have a proclivity for using acronyms or short-hand letters for what was meant, but they were in communication with Cuba and the Soviet Union. Cuba, the Soviet Union and the United States were no shirkers from using acronyms either.

Have fun with these. Use the Google on-site search engine to find their location(s), though many are not on this site, but in the literature. You can copy these singly as ownership is not involved. Copying the complete list and reproducing it in a publication is not allowed. Using the compilation on this page as a complete compilation or partial compilation for other than personal use is not acceptable.

Please notify the web administrator below for any additions or corrections.

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