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AcronymFull NameComments & Primary Location
IAC (1)Interim Advisory CouncilGrenada
IAC (2)Intelligence Advisory CommitteeUSA
IACHRInter-American Commission on Human Rights Miami, Florida
IADInternational Activities Division, division of DO handling outside contract workCIA
IADBInter-American Development Bank  
IAPAInter-American Press AssociationMiami, Florida based
IAPFInter-American Peace ForceUSA
IBCInternational Business Communications, Inc.USA
IBRDInternational Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentWorld Bank
ICAInternational Communications AgencyCarter Administration's name for U.S. Information Agency
ICAICInstituto Cubano de Arte e Industria CinematográficosCuba
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organization  
ICAPCuban Friendship with the Peoples Institute or Institute of Friendship with the Peoples or the Cuban Institute of Friendship Among the PeoplesCuba
ICB   Grenada
ICCCIncorporated Chambers of Commerce of the Caribbean   
ICECInternational College of the Eastern Caribbean Grenada
ICFAIsland-wide Cane Famers AssociationGrenada
ICFTUInternational Confederation of Free Trade Unions  
ICISInstitute of Caribbean and International StudiesSt. George's University, True Blue, Grenada
ICJ [1]International Commission of JuristsGeneva, Switzerland
ICJ [2]International Court of Justice  
I.C.L.Q.International and Comparative Law QuarterlyUSA
ICRMInternational Conference Concerning Revolutionary Movements  
ICRTCuban Radio and Television InstituteCuba
ICSInstitute of Caribbean Studiesof UWI, or of the University of Puerto Rico
ICSBInternational Caribbean Service BureauMontreal
IDA (1)Institute for Defense AnalysisUSA
IDA (2)International Development Agency  
IDA (3)International Defence & Aid Fund for Southern Africa  
IDBInter-American Development Bank  
IESCInternational Executive Service Corps  
IFADInternational Fund for Agricultural Development  
IFCInternational Finance Corporation  
IFCOInter-religious Foundation for Community OrganizationUSA
IFRCSInternational Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies  
IFDAInternational Foundation for Development Alternatives  
IFEInstitute for Further EducationGrenada
IFFIdentify Friend or Foe  
IFIInternational Finance InstitutionsUSA
IFIOInteragency Foreign Information OrganisationUSA
IFISInteragency Foreign Information StaffUSA
IFJInternational Federation of JournalistsBrussels Headquarters
IGInterdepartmental GroupUSA
IICAInter-American Institutue for Agricultural Cooperation  
IIRInstitute of International Relations  
ILCInternational Law Commission  
ILMInternational Legal Materials  
ILOInternational Labour Organisation  
ILPIndependent Labour PartyUK
IMFInternational Monetary Fund  
IMGInternational Marxist GroupLondon
INDERNational Sport, Physical Education, and Recreation InstituteCuba
INF (1)Informer newspaperGrenada
INF (2)Intermediate-range nuclear force  
INRBureau of Intelligence and Research, State DepartmentUSA
INSCOMIntelligence and Security Command  
INTELSATInternational Telecommunications SatelliteUSA
INTERPOLInternational Criminal Police Organisation  
INTURNational Tourism InstituteCuba
IOCIntergovernmental Oceanic Commissionof UNEP, UNESCO
IOJ (1)Institute of Jamaica  
IOJ (2)International Organization of Journalists Prague and Cuba
IPIslamic PartyGrenada
IPCInternational Political CommitteeUnited States
IPPFInternational Planned Parenthood Federation  
IPRAIndian People's Revolutionary AssociatesGuyana
IPSInter Press Service; InterPress Third World News Agency  
IRAIndustrial Relations Act  
IRCInternational Relations CommitteeGrenada
IRDInterparty Regional DevelopmentGrenada
ISA (1)Industrial Stabilization Act  
ISA (2)International Security Affairs (of OSD)USA
ISA (3)Intelligence Support Activity - "The Activity"US Army
ISDInternational Students Day  
ISERInstitute of Social and Economic Research (UWI)Jamaica
ISOInternational Socialist Organization  
ISRIntelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance   
ITIndies Times newspaperGrenada
ITU (1)International Telecommunications Union  
ITU (2)In-Service Training UnitGrenada
ITUACThe Industrial Trade Unions Action CouncilJamaica
IUSInternational Union of StudentsPrague
IVPInternational Visitor Program  
IWAInternational Worker's Association  
IWDInternational Womens Day  
IYCInternational Year of the Child  

Acronyms will become apparent when you read and study the history of the Grenada Revolution. An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of the words of a compound term. Also included in these alphabetical lists are short-hand letters with varying meanings.

Not only did the People's Revolutionary Government (PRG) and their political party, The New Jewel Movement (NJM), have a proclivity for using acronyms or short-hand letters for what was meant, but they were in communication with Cuba and the Soviet Union. Cuba, the Soviet Union and the United States were no shirkers from using acronyms either.

Have fun with these. Use the Google on-site search engine to find their location(s), though many are not on this site, but in the literature. You can copy these singly as ownership is not involved. Copying the complete list and reproducing it in a publication is not allowed. Using the compilation on this page as a complete compilation or partial compilation for other than personal use is not acceptable.

Please notify the web administrator below for any additions or corrections.

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