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AcronymFull NameComments & Primary Location
G (1)Gamma (communications intercepts from extremely sensitive sources)USA
G (2)Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs 
G-77Group of 77 Developing CountriesUnited Nations
GAGeneral AssemblyUnited Nations
GACFWUGeneral Agricultural, Commercial and Factory Worker's Union of NJMGrenada
GAFGrenada Action Front (circa 1972 and pseudo name for M.A.C.E.)  
GAIGrenada Agro-Industries Ltd.  
GAIDCGrenada Agricultural and Industrial Development Corporation  
GAOGovernment Accounting OfficeUSA
GAORGeneral Assembly Official RecordsUnited Nations
GASKGrenada Associated Schools of Karate  
GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 
GAUGrenada Agriculturalist Union  
GAWUGuyana Agricultural Workers Union  
GAYGrenada Assembly of Youth  
GBCSGrenada Banana Control/Co-operative Society  
GBSGrenada Benevolent Society UK  
GBSSGrenada Boys Secondary School  
GCCGrenada Chamber of Commerce  
GCEGeneral Certificate of Education/Examinations 
GCEGrenadian Creole English  
GCFPGrenada Committee for Friendship with the Peoples (1982-1983)  
GCFSGrenada-Cuba Friendship Society  
GCHRGrenada-Cuba Council for Human Rights  
GCICGrenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce  
GCMGKnight Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. GeorgeUK
GCNAGrenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association  
GCPMGrenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique [News Bulletin]Brooklyn
GCVOKnight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian OrderUK
GDBGrenada Development Bank  
GDCMGrenada Documents Collection Microfiche Prefix at the U.S. National ArchivesUSA
GDFGrenada Defence Force  
GDMGrenada Democratic MovementWashington, DC; New York
GDPGross Domestic Product 
GDRGerman Democratic Republic 
GENSERGeneral ServiceUS Military
GESGrenada Electricity Services  
GFAGrenada Football Association  
GFC (1)Grenada Farms Corporation  
GFC (2)Grenada Finance Corporation  
GFNCGrenada Food and Nutrition Council  
GGGovernor GeneralGrenada
GHAGrenada Hotel Association  
GHRAGuyana Human Rights Association  
GHSGrenada Historical SocietyGrenada
GIGeneral IntelligenceGrenada
GIGGrenada Improvement GroupUSA
GIDCGrenada Industrial Development Corporation  
GIJGuyana Institute of JournalistsGuyana
GISGovernment [or Grenada] Information ServiceGrenada
GITIPGroupe Internationale du Transport et Industrie Petrolier  
GIWUGuyana Industrial Workers Union  
GLCGreater London CouncilUK
GLLGrenada Literary League  
GLPGrenada Labour Party (1929)  
GMGeneral Meeting or Membership or MembersGrenada
GMAGrenada Medical Association  
GMFGrenada Military Force  
GMFDGrenada Movement for Freedom and Democracy(Freeport, Long Island, NY & Grenada - Sylvester, Kattke, Imbroglio, Langdon)
GMMWUGrenada Manual and Mental Workers UnionGrenada
GMMIWU or GMM&IWUGrenada Manual Maritime and Intellectual Workers Union Grenada
GMTGreenwich Meridian Time (Zebra) 
GNCAGrenada Nutmeg Co-operative Association  
GNDGrenada (Airline Code)  
GNIH or GNHIGrenada National Institute of Handicrafts or Grenada National Handicrafts Institute  
GNMGrenada National MuseumGrenada
GNMMLGrenada National Mass Movement Liberation  
GNP (1)Gross National Product 
GNP (2)Grenada National Party  
GNPCGrenada National Preparatory CommitteeANC; South Africa
GNPLRGrenada National Party for Reconstruction and Liberation  
GNTGrenada National Trust  
GOCGovernment of Canada 
GOGGovernment of Grenada  
GOTTGovernment of Trinidad and Tobago  
GPGovernment Printer  
GPA (1)Grenada Port Authority  
GPA (2)Guyana Press Association  
GPCGrenada Peace Council  
GPLGrenada Public LibraryGrenada
GPOGovernment Printing OfficeUSA
GPPGrenada People's Party  
GPPAGrenada Planned Parenthood Association  
GPS (1)Global Positioning System  
GPS (2)Grenada Police Service  
GRC (1)Grenada Racing Co. Ltd.  
GRC (2)Grenada Resorts Corporation  
GRCCGrenada Revolutionary Cadet Corps  
GREGuardian Royal Exchange [insurance]UK
GRENCODAGrenada Cooperative Development Association  
GRENLECGrenada Electricity Company  
GRIEFGrenada Relief International Emergency FundTrinidad
GRLGrenada Revolutionary LeagueUSA
GRU (1)Chief Administration for IntelligenceUSSR/Soviet Military Intelligence
GRU (2)Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Soviet General StaffUSSR/Soviet Military Intelligence Organizations
GSAGrenada Shipping Agents  
GSCGrenada Supreme Court  
GSFGrenada Sugar Factory  
GSUFSGrenada-Soviet Union Friendship SocietyGrenada
GTBGrenada Tourist Board  
GTC (1)Grenada Teachers College  
GTC (2)Grenada Telephone Company  
GTUGrenada Teachers Union  
GTUCGrenada Trades Union Congress  
GTUMGuyana Trade Union Movement  
GTVIGrenada Technical Vocational Institute  
GUARDGuyana Association for Reform and Democracy  
GULP (1)Grenada United Labour PartyGrenada
GULP (2)Give Uncle Your Last PennyGrenada/Gairy
GUMPGuyana United Muslim Party?
GURSGrenada Union of Retired Soldiers  
GUTGrenada Union of Teachers  
GUWAGrenada Unemployed Workers Association  
GVGrenadian Voice (newspaper)  
GVCGrenada Volunteer Constabulary  
GWAGrenadian Workingmen's Associaton  
GWUGrenada Workers Union  
GYSGrenada Yacht Services  
GYSMGrenada Socialist Youth Movement  

Acronyms will become apparent when you read and study the history of the Grenada Revolution. An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of the words of a compound term. Also included in these alphabetical lists are short-hand letters with varying meanings.

Not only did the People's Revolutionary Government (PRG) and their political party, the New Jewel Movement (NJM), have a proclivity for using acronyms or short-hand letters for what was meant, but they were in communication with Cuba and the Soviet Union. Cuba, the Soviet Union and the United States were no shirkers from using acronyms either.

Have fun with these. Use the Google on-site search engine to find their location(s), though many are not on this site, but in the literature. You can copy these singly as ownership is not involved. Copying the complete list and reproducing it in a publication is not allowed. Using the compilation on this page as a complete compilation or partial compilation for other than personal use is not acceptable.

Please notify the web administrator below for any additions or corrections.

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