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AcronymFull NameComments & Primary Location
C³ICommunicationa, Command, Control and IntelligenceUSA Military
CADepartment of State Circular AirgramUSA
CACCentral America and the Caribbean(Games)
CADECChristian Action for Development in the Eastern Caribbean 
CAHULACCaribbean Human Rights and Legal Aid Company 
CAICCaribbean Association of Industry and Commerce 
CAJITCentral American Joint Intelligence TeamUSA DIA
CALDCouncil of Asian Liberals and Democrats 
CALDCulturally and Linguistically Diverse 
CANACaribbean News Agency 
CANSAVECanadian Branch, Save the Children FundCanada
CAPCongress of African/Afrikan PeopleUSA
CAPACAPA Clipping Service 
CAPECaribbean Association of Political Economics 
CARDCampaign Against Racial DiscriminationUK
CARDATSCaribbean Agricultural Rural Development, Advisory and Training Service  
CARDICaribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute 
CARICADUnited Nations Caribbean Centre for Development  
CARICOMCaribbean Community and Common Market(Grenada, a member)
CARIFTACaribbean Free Trade Association 
CARINEXCanadian Tour Company 
CARIPEDACaribbean Peoples Development Agency 
CARIMACCaribbean Institute of Media and CommunicationJamaica
CARIRICaribbean Industrial Research InstituteTrinidad & Tobago
CARNEIDCaribbean Network for Educational Innovation and Development  
CARPComputerized Airborne Release Point (82nd Airborne)USA Military
CAS (1)Covert Action StaffCIA (Clandestine Service)
CAS (2)Controlled American SourceUSA
CASACentral American Solidarity Association 
CASTCollege of Arts, Science & TechnologyJamaica
CBC (1)Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation 
CBC (2)Congressional Black CaucusUSA
CBECommander of the Order of the British EmpireBritain
CBICaribbean Basin Initiative(1982) - trade, aid and investment
CBSColumbia Broadcasting SystemUSA
CBUCaribbean Broadcasting Union 
CC (1)Caribbean Contact newspaperBarbados
CC (2)Central Committee of the New Jewel MovementGrenada
CC (3)Crown ColonyBritain
CCAACaribbean/Central American Action 
CCBMCatholic Central Board of Management 
CCC [1]Caribbean Council of Churches 
CCC [2]Caribbean Conference CommitteeMontreal, Canada
CCC [3]Committee of Concerned CitizensGrenada
CCCLCanadian Catholic Confederation of LabourCanada
CCGCouncil/Conferences of Churches of Grenada 
CCIWCaribbean Conference of Intellectual Workers 
CCJCACaribbean Committee on Joint Christian Action  
CCJTFCaribbean Contingency Joint Task ForceUSA
CCLCaribbean Congress of Labour 
CCMCaribbean Common Market 
CCPChinese Communist Party 
CCWUClerical and Commercial Workers UnionGuyana
CDConsular Dispatches 
CDBCaribbean Development Bank(based in Barbados) (Grenada, a member)
CDCCarnival Development CommissionTrinidad
CDCCommonwealth Development CorporationUK
CDCCCaribbean Development and Cooperation Committee 
CD&WColonial Development and Welfare Office 
CDFCaribbean Defense Force 
CDLACasa de las AméricasCuba
CDPChristian Democratic PartyGrenada
CDRCommittees for Defense of the RevolutionCuba; Comités de Defensa de la Revolución
CDSPCommunity Day School ProgrammeGrenada
CDT (1)Colonial Dependency Thought 
CDT (2)Central Daylight Time 
CDUCaribbean Democratic Union 
CEAAmerican Studies CenterCuba
CEATMState Committee for Material Technical SupplyCuba
CEC (1)Caribbean Employers Confederation 
CEC (2)Commission of European CommunitiesEEC
CEC (3)Community Education Councils 
CECEState Committee for Economic CollaborationCuba
CECOCuban Economic Cooperation OfficeCuba
CEDCaribbean Education Development  
CEDALCentro de Estudios Democráticos de América LatinaCosta Rica
CEE (1)Common Entrance Exam  
CEE (2)State Committee for StatisticsCuba
CEFState Committee for FinanceCuba
CELAMConsejo Episcopal Latinoamericano (Latin American Episcopal Council) 
CENState Committee for StandardizationCuba
CENTOCentral Treaty Organization 
CEOICommunications Electronic Operating InstructionsUSA
CEPALEconomic Commission for Latin America 
CERPCombined Economic Reporting ProgramUnited States
CFCCause For ConcernUnited Kingdom
CFNICaribbean Food and Nutrition Institute 
CFPACaribbean Family Planning Affiliation 
CFTCCommonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation 
CGConsul General, Consulate General  
CGCEDCaribbean Group for Co-Operation and Economic Development 
CGFSCuban-Grenada Friendship Society 
CHITELCOChilean Telephone CompanyChile
CHGCharge d'Affaires  
CHOGMCommonwealth Heads of Government Meeting  
CHRLACCaribbean Human Rights and Legal Aid Company 
CHSCarriacou Historical Society 
C3ICommand, control, communications, and intelligence 
CICounter/Central IntelligenceGrenada; also CIA & US Armed Services
CI/ICDCounter-Intelligence Staff, International Communism Division(CIA/USA)
CI/OACounter-Intelligence Staff, Operational Approval Branch 
CIACentral Intelligence AgencyUSA
CIAChristians in Action(SEAL term for CIA)
CIBCCanadian Imperial Bank of CommerceGrenada
CIC (1)Commander-in-Chief  
CIC (2)CARICOM Investment Code  
CID (1)Criminal Investigation DepartmentGrenada
CID (2)Counter Intelligence Department 
CIDACanadian International Development Agency 
CINCCommander in ChiefUSA Military
CINCLANTCommander in Chief, Atlantic ForcesUSA Military
CINCLANFLTCommander in Chief Atlantic FleetUSA Military
CIOCCombined Intelligence Operations CenterUSA Military
CIPCouncil of International ProgramsUSA
CIS (1)Council for Inter-American Security 
CIS (2)Cuban Interests Section  
CISCACCommittee in Solidarity with Central America and the Caribbean 
CISPESCommittee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador 
CIWUCommercial and Industrial Workers UnionGrenada
CJChief Justice 
CJCSChairman, Joint Chiefs of StaffUSA Military
CJTFCombined [or Caribbean) Joint Task ForceLocation, Key West, Florida
CLACivil Liberties AssociationGrenada
CLACCivil Liberties Action CommitteeGuyana
CLADLatin American Centre for Development Administration 
CLADESLatin American Centre for Economic and Social Documentation 
CLASCConfederación Latinoamericana de Sindicalistas Cristianos; Latin American Confederation of Christian Trade Unions  
CLATCentral Latinoamericano de Trabajadores (the Confederation of Latin American Workers) 
CLICOColonial Life Insurance CompanyGrenada
CLOCentral Liaison OfficeRSS - Barbados
CM (1)Candidate MembersGrenada - New Jewel Movement
CM (2)Chief Minister  
CM (3)Cribou MovementGrenada
CMBCaribbean Monthly Bulletin 
CMC (1)Caribbean Media Corporation 
CMC (2)Central Marketing Corporation or Construction ManagementGrenada - The New Jewel Movement
CMC (3)Crisis Management CenterUSA
CMEACouncil for Mutual Economic AssistanceSoviet Union
CMFCCaribbean Fishery Management Council 
CMGCommander of the Order of St. Michael and St. GeorgeBritain
CNOChief of Naval OperationsUSA Military
CNTUConfederation of National Trade UnionsCanada
COBClose of Business 
COGFFATIG[The] Committee of Grenada Freedom Fighters Against Tyranny in Grenada 
COHACouncil on Hemispheric AffairsWashington and New York
COMECONCouncil for Mutual Economic Assistance/Communist Economic UnionCuba
COMINTCommunication IntelligenceUSA Military
COMINTERNCommunist International   
COMSATCommunications Satellite CorporationUSA Military
COMSECCommunications SecurityUSA Military
CONDECACentral American Defense Council Pact Consejo de Defensa Centro Americana
CONUSContinental United States 
COPCommissioner of Police  
COPAL or COPPPAL or CO PAALPermanent Conference of Latin American Progressive PartiesConferencia Permanente de Partidos Politicos de Americas Latina y el Caribe
CORDSCivilian Operations and Revolutionary Development Support 
COSChief of StationCIA/USA
CPCommunist Party  
CPA [1]Caribbean People's AllianceBrooklyn, NY
CPA [2]Commonwealth Parliamentary Association 
CPBACaribbean Publishers and Broadcasters Association [27 members][the publicly-owned media (POM), some government-owned media, but none from Guyana or Grenada]
CPC [1]Caribbean Peace Council  
CPC [2]Caribbean Press Council[watchdog for CPBA]
CPC [3]Catholic ? ?(Grenada)
CPC [4]Communist Party of Cuba 
CPDCommittee on the Present Danger 
CPECentre(s) for Popular EducationGrenada
CPFCaribbean Peacekeeping Force   
CPGCouncil of Patriotic GrenadiansUSA
CPJCommunist Party of Jamaica 
CPOChief Political Officer 
CPPGCrisis Preplanning GroupUSA
CPSUCommunist Party of the Soviet Union 
CPTUCouncil of Progressive Trade UnionsTrinidad
CPUCommunist Party of the Soviet Union 
CPUSACommunist Party of the United States of America 
CQCaribbean Quarterly 
CRIBEAU OR CREBO or CRIBO or CRIBOU (Early 1970s student organization in Grenada - Serpent)
CRGCourage newspaperTrinidad
CRPCuban Revolutionary Party 
CSClandestine ServicesCIA, same as DDP
CSACivil Service AssociationGrenada
CSAFChief of Staff, Air ForceUSA
CSBCommonwealth Society for the BlindUnited Kingdom
CSDPCommunity School Day ProgrammeGrenada
CSE trooperUSA Military
CSISCenter for Strategic & International Studies  
CSMChristian Science Monitor newspaperUSA
CSNConfédération des syndicats nationauxCanada
CSOCentral Statistical OfficeGrenada
CSRCzechoslovak Socialist Republic 
CSR CATCurrent Situation Room Crisis ActionUSA
CT (1)Campus TerritoryUniversity of the West Indies
CT (2)Caribbean Times newspaperGreat Britain
CT (3)Counter-terroristUSA
CTACivil Transport AgencyGrenada
CTAWUCommercial, Technical and Allied Workers' UnionSt. Vincent and the Grenadines
CTCCentral Organization of Cuban Trade Unions; Cuban Conference of Workers Central De Trabajadores de CubaCuba
CTFCommander, Task ForceUSA
CTIFCOContinental Telephone International Finance Corporation  
CTRClassroom Teacher newspaperJamaica
CTRCCaribbean Tourism Research Centre 
CTSOCaribbean Technical Service Organisation 
CUBATECNICAEconomic Technical Assistance InstituteCuba
CUBureau of Education and Culutral AffairsState Department (circa 1975)
CUACaribbean United AirlinesTrinidad-Tobago
CUCCaribbean Unity ConferenceUSA
CUSOCanadian University Students Overseas 
CUNYCity University of New York 
CWCCentral Water CommissionGrenada
CWPCommunist Workers PartyJamaica
CXCCaribbean Examinations Council 
CYCCatholic Youth Council or CongressGrenada
CYMCultural Youth MovementGrenada, 1971
CYOCatholic Youth OrganizationGrenada

Acronyms will become apparent when you read and study the history of the Grenada Revolution. An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of the words of a compound term. Also included in these alphabetical lists are short-hand letters with varying meanings.

Not only did the People's Revolutionary Government (PRG) and their political party, The New Jewel Movement (NJM), have a proclivity for using acronyms or short-hand letters for what was meant, but they were in communication with Cuba and the Soviet Union. Cuba, the Soviet Union and the United States were no shirkers from using acronyms either.

Have fun with these. Use the Google on-site search engine to find their location(s), though many are not on this site, but in the literature. You can copy these singly as ownership is not involved. Copying the complete list and reproducing it in a publication is not allowed. Using the compilation on this page as a complete compilation or partial compilation for other than personal use is not acceptable.

Please notify the web administrator below for any additions or corrections.

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