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AcronymFull NameComments & Primary Location
BABusinessmen's AssociationGrenada
BATFBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and FirearmsUSA
BBCBritish Broadcasting CompanyUK
BBSSBernadette Baily Secondary SchoolGrenada
BCMBlack Consciousness MovementSouth Africa
BCPBulgarian Communist Party 
BDDBritish Development Division 
BDFBarbados Defence Force 
BEMBritish Empire MedalBritain
BEOGBasic Educational Opportunity Grant 
BgBrigadier General  
BGFSBritish-Grenadian Friendship SocietyUK
BGWUBank and General Workers UnionGrenada
BHNBasic Human Needs ProgramCaribbean Development Bank
BIPPBlack Independent Political PartyUSA
BLABlack Liberation ArmyUSA
BLACBenson Latin American CollectionUniv. of Texas, Austin
BLFBlack Liberation FrontUSA
BLPBarbados Labour Party 
BNAOffice of British Commonwealth and Northern European Affairs, Bureau of European Affairs, Department of StateUSA
BNAUBulgarian National Agrarian Union 
BNCNational Bank of Cuba 
BOPBalance of Payments 
BP [1] Black Panthers 
BP [2] Black Power 
BPFMBlack People's Freedom MovementUK
BPICBlack Power Information CentreUK
BPMBlack Power Movement 
BPPBlack Panther Party for Self-Defense 
BRDM-2(Soviet Armored Vehicle) 
BTR-60(Soviet Armored Personnel Carrier) 
BUFPBlack Unity Freedom PartyUK
BWACBlack Workers Action CommitteeUK
BWCBlack Workers Congress 
BWIBritish West Indies 
BWIABritish West Indies Airlines
(Better Walk, If Able)
BWMBlack Workers MovementUK
BWPBlack Workers PartyUK
B.Y.B.I.L.British Yearbook of International Law 

Acronyms will become apparent when you read and study the history of the Grenada Revolution. An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of the words of a compound term. Also included in these alphabetical lists are short-hand letters with varying meanings.

Not only did the People's Revolutionary Government (PRG) and their political party, The New Jewel Movement (NJM), have a proclivity for using acronyms or short-hand letters for what was meant, but they were in communication with Cuba and the Soviet Union. Cuba, the Soviet Union and the United States were no shirkers from using acronyms either.

Have fun with these. Use the Google on-site search engine to find their location(s), though many are not on this site, but in the literature. You can copy these singly as ownership is not involved. Copying the complete list and reproducing it in a publication is not allowed. Using the compilation on this page as a complete compilation or partial compilation for other than personal use is not acceptable.

Please notify the web administrator below for any additions or corrections.

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