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14 April 1979

A historic occasion to Grenadans occurred at approximately one thirty this afternoon, at the office of the Prime Minister at the Botanical Gardens in St. George's when the signing of an Agreement between Grenada and Cuba to establish diplomatic relations, took place. Representing Cuba was Senor Iran Ceso Martinez Montavo, the Cuban Ambassador Extra-ordinary and Pleni-potentiary to the Republic of Guyana and non-resident Ambassador for Barbados. The relevant documents were handed over to the Prime Minister of the People's Revolutionary Government Brother Maurice Bishop, by His Excellency Senor Montavo. Following the handing over of credentials and other documents by the Cuban Ambassador and Prime Minister Bishop, the Prime Minister of the new People's Revolutionary Government then made these comments:

It is my very great pleasure to be able to announce that yesterday in Havana the Government of the Republic of Cuba did formally recognise the People's Revolutionary Government. A prepared statement was issued in Havana and I will proceed to read that statement:

The Government of the Republic of Cuba considering that the Government born by the Revolutionary Movement and presided over by Maurice Bishop represents the will of the people of Grenada, and considering the statements and expressed the decision to implement an independent foreign policy and to participate actively in the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries and with the objective of strengthening the ties of friendship that always existed between the peoples of Cuba and Grenada, and in use of the facilities authorised by law, have moved to recognise the Government of Grenada and has instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to implement this Agreement.

City of Havana dated this 13 day of April 1979

I will also like at this point to read you the Joint Communique between Cuba and Grenada on the establishment of diplomatic relations.

On the thirteenth of April 1979 the Ambassador of Cuba, His Excellency Mr. Iran Ceso Martinez Montavo and the Prime Minister of Grenada His Excellency Mr. Maurice Bishop, signed the formal Agreements on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Cuba and Grenada. Both Governments have agreed to publish simultaneously in the City of Havana and in St. George's the following Joint Communique.

The Government of the Republic of Cuba, and the Government of Grenada through their duly authorised representatives, have made consultations pertaining to the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Grenada. Both Governments reiterate their adherence to the principles of international law concerning friendly relations and co-operation between states as proclaimed by the Charter of the United Nations, and recognise the further development of relations between Cuba and Grenada, based on such principles will be reciprocally beneficial for the two countries and their peoples. In consequence the Government of the Republic of Cuba and the Government of Grenada, inspired by the common desire to promote friendly relations and develop effective co-operation among the Caribbean Nations, have decided to establish diplomatic relations at Ambassadoral level as of this date.

That is the Joint Communique signed by myself as Minister of External Affairs and by His Excellency Mr. Iran Ceso Martinez Montavo Ambassador of Cuba.

NOTE: Compliments to D. Sinclair DaBreo in his book, "The Grenada Revolution" for organizing to include the transcript of this radio broadcast.

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